turtles released at Playa Vive Juluchuca

This video was taken not too far down the beach from us. There is a turtle nesting sanctuary at Juluchuca, and the results show it’s huge success. This is our next project we are going to undertake. Too many nests get robbed here, poor things have enough trouble as it is. Viva La Tortuga’s!!

Turtle laying eggs at our wall

Things are moving along. The wonderful volunteers from Playa Blanca have come to help us start the project, let the red tape commence!

This initial procedure is about 500 US dollars, and then to build the actual coral will be another 500 US dollars approximately. We are working with professionals, including a marine biologists, as well as people with many years experience recording and documenting their activity on the collection and release of the turtles. These same people go into schools educating children on the importance of turtle preservation. We are starting a non profit organization to help facilitate these people who put in so much time and love and passion to something they strongly believe in.

Walking the beach to show what area we will protect

Friends of tortugas from Campamento Tortuguero Ayoticalli

We look forward to starting our nursery here in the 2019/2020 season.

By the way the paper work did go through. Yay!!

Progress is slow, COVID happened,….but I am so happy to say, after missing a year in beautiful La Barrita, we came back to find a local family had taken upon themselves to build a turtle compound. Thank you to the 3 generations who made it happen; ‘The Professor’, his son Antonio, and HIS son Christopher. We have had the pleasure of watching them releasing turtles, and maybe if you are in the area you can too! Please contact us below if you are able to help with a donation which goes directly to the family who are the caretakers.

Antonio, The Professor and Christopher

Come and relax with us