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Sobandero (Mexican healer)

Those who are sore and road weary, come and let Felix work his magic. Rather then a masseuse, Felix has been taught, handed down from generations, the art of healing, he is called a Sobandero, and he knows the anatomy well.

We first met Felix when Mark really did a number on his back and became completely bed ridden. One of our awesome neighbors came to the rescue and collected Felix from the next village south and brought him to our casa. All these years Mark thought it was his back but as it turned out it was tight calve muscles that he suffered from, causing a chain reaction to his back. After a few sessions with Felix, he barely ever suffers from back pain, or at least he knows to go to the source, when he gets that “my back is going out feeling” We loved him so much we invested in a massage table and had him come on a regular basis to work on family and friends.

We have had the good fortune of having him move to the new restaurant next door and run it with his family. He is close by, willing and waiting to help, all who are sore and road weary.