South to Playa de Piedra Tlacoyunqe

South from La barrita

Normally when we head south our destination is Puerto Vincente though we have found if you go a little further down the road there is another wonderful destination..

“Playa De Piedra Tlacoyunqe”


is minutes past Vincente and the waves have created amazing rock formations, including a blow hole with a tunnel.  The first time we went my son and I said “Wheeee” and ran down in the tunnel and we were very quickly chastised for being so careless.  In our defense it was more like a cave, but still a rogue wave can and will whip you out so quick it can make your head spin.  Best to admire from afar, there is still lots of beach to explore. There is a very large palapa at the parking lot that overlooks the beach, great for a picnic.  



El Cayacal and El Calvario


Now that I have talked about the final destination I’m going to back to the beginning.  From La Barrita, as you head south one of the first little community’s is El Cayacal,  You wind your way up the road for a scenic view of the beautiful virgin beaches of El Calvario.  

From here the road veers inland where there are a host of fields, plantations and groves.  These include palms, coconuts, mangos, papayas, bananas as well as garden variety vegetables and local fruits. 


Before hitting the coastline again, is the small town of Papanoa, which carries most all necessities.  There are vendors along the highway going through Papanoa selling their wares, as well as some large fruit markets. Papanoa is also the final destination for the combie (microbus).  If you want to continue along that mode of transportation going south you transfer to the back of a truck. Unless you are very adventuresome, I wouldn’t advise it.

Playa Cayaquito

A short jaunt past Papanoa you arrive again at the coastline, to Playa Cayaquito.  Here is a more ‘populated’ (some days it may be completely deserted) beach by the local fisherman, renowned for its surf fishing, namely for ‘snook.’ There are some beachside restaurants here if you would like to sit under a palapa, or pull up a hammock and watch the world go by.

Puerto Vincente

Just past Playa Cayaquito is Puerto Vincente, a small port and community where we rent a local panga (boat) and captain.  The experience of going to Puerto Vincente, even if you don’t fish is well advised, it’s a quaint and vibrant little community.  When the children aren’t in school, they are very curious when someone comes down to the dock and will come and investigate, especially when they know a coin is possibly had.  They know our vehicle, and all love “Marco”.  After doing this for some 6 years we know most by name and have enjoyed watching them grow to young adults.

Playa Esquela

Tucked between Puerto Vincente and Tlacoyunqe is Playa Esquela, another noteworthy beach.  Here you will find no restaurants, though like anywhere it is becoming more populated.  Bring the sunscreen, umbrella, hats, it is a beautiful scenic beach to walk but not much reprieve from the sun.  There are some properties here, but mostly uninhabited beach.   

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