Fishing Tips

Wind Knots In Braid

The higher quality the rod, guides, reel and line, the less problems you’ll experience. Few of us can afford the best, so here are a few things to watch for:

Make sure your line is not too far forward or too far back on the spool. It can be adjusted by adding or subtracting washers under the spool.

The level of your line on the spool makes a huge difference. The line level should be 1/8 inch from the top of the spool. Use mono as a backer if needed.

The use of a swivel for line twist, especially throwing some lures.

Line dropping over and across the drag knob on the spool as the bail closes if there is slack in the line. This happens to everyone. I always keep my drag so that I can pull a little out by hand with a hard tug.

Do not reel while the drag is spinning; it causes a twist in the line.

Make sure your line is in the center of your spool when you start to cast and not wedged in the top or bottom of the spool which will cause the line to be pulled off the spool.

Clean line. Fish scum, salt, beer, etc. doesn’t help. Always keep your line well rinsed.

Following these tips will greatly reduce the amount of knots you get in your line.

Always keep a sharp hook handy to work out any knots that you do get and remember to have patience; most knots can be worked out.

Remember to ALWAYS put your rod in a holder that you have conveniently placed on the beach just out of high water when you start fishing.

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