Fishing Gear

My favourites:

Rod: St Croix 10′ Triumph Surf travel rod

alternative: any 10′ med / heavy 2 to 4 oz spin cast rod

Reel: Diawa Saltist 4500h

alternative: Penn Fierce 6000

Lure: Roberts Ranger in silver and blue

alternative: any Robertson popper or 2 oz minnow pattern / jig lure in silver and blue

Line: Power pro super 8 slick in 40 lb

alternative: any 40 lb brand name braid

knots: a perfection loop to a Bimini twist

alternative: an improved clinch knot on your leader to a small 70 lb swivel and a Bimini twist on braid line

Leader: 20 inches of 80 lb for poppers and 20 inches of 40 lb for lures

(We use heavier line on the poppers because the line is not in the water and less lures are lost to needle fish)

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