La Barrita Vacations


Thank you for checking out our site La Barrita Vacations! We are located on the Costa Grande Hwy 200 in Guerrero Mexico. La Barrita is approximately an hour south of Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa. (Give or take 15 minutes if you are travelling by bus or car).

Come Relax with us

Quiet evenings
Mandy’s Drone picture of La Barrita

Whether you are looking for accommodations or provide your own. Whether you stay for an hour or a month, we will provide you with a unique get away. Move at your own pace, there are hammocks aplenty under shade palapas, steps from the Pacific Ocean. If you are a fishing enthusiast, watch as the birds swoop and dive, a good sign fish are near by.  

casting for the back of the wave
Having fun with the neighbours

The tiny village of La Barrita consists of Puente La Barrita 1, Puente La Barrita 2 and Playa La Barrita

The beautiful Karina from Restaurante Las Pocitas


Rocks come and rocks go at La Barrita from one day to the next.  The awesome power of nature!

Come and relax with us